Cleaning & Polishing

Why should you cleaning & polishing of my watch? 

Cleaning & polishing removes built up dirt and grime reducing corrosion and wear, extending the life of your valuable watch. This can be done at any time but we highly recommend you have it done with every battery change or overhaul.  If you drop off your watch you can pick up your watch anytime the next business day at your convenience. You can contact us with any questions that you might have, don’t hesitate to call us at:(813) 802-4884. Office hours: are Monday-Friday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. If were not available you can fill out the form found HERE to e-mail us. We’ll get back with you at soon as we can.

Rolex Ladies DateJust was refinished to look like new.


Re-finishing your watch restores the original look, removes scratches, and often makes your watch look new again. This service can generally only be offered on watches with solid metal bracelets or case. Some Watches are plated or have other surfaces only coating the top layer of the watch. In these cases we do not normally recommend your have it polish. But even for those watches we still recommend that they be cleaned externally to extend the life of your watch.

Cleaning & polishing Machine

With this polishing machine we can usually restore your watch to look brand new.

Cleaning Externally

In many cases it is ill advised to polish the watch or the watch does not need to have scratches removed. But that does not mean you should not clean your watches externally. Cleaning will remove any debris that may be in your bracelet or other case that can put ware on your spring-bars, pin, tubs, screws or even the links themselves. Keeping it clean will extend the life of your watch and keep it looking good for longer.

Water Resistant Testing

All polishing and cleaning services include a water resistant test free of charge. If we find your watch is not water resistant we will let you know what repairs it may need. It is highly recommend that you make sure your watch remains water resistant. If you would like to learn more about why your should keep your watch water resistant and what ignoring it can cost you please visit here.

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