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Battery Services

Here at Masterpiece Watch Repair our Watchmakers would love to help you with your battery replacement needs. We install high grade Swiss made

Renata brand batteries. The Watchmakers are highly skilled and can replace defective or dead power-cells taking great care to do it right. This service should be done before the battery goes dead. Any aged power-cell can leak while the watch is not in use and can destroy your watch. Leading to more costly repairs.We recommend that most batteries be replaces every two years. We have several options for you when that time comes to replace your battery.

Battery Replacement Parts

New Renate power-cells In stock and ready to install

Battery Service Options:

  1. Our Complete battery service includes a battery with instillation, water resistance test and external clean & refinishing.
  2. If you do not desire or we recommend you do not polish your watch. We can offer you which includes a battery with instillation, water resistance Test, and external cleaning
  3. Our recommended basic package is a Battery with instillation and Water Resistance Test
  4. For select watches Battery only (no pressure test) is available but not recommended. This service is done at owners risk and could result in water damage from a leak.

    Old battery replacement parts

    Corroded Batteries

Why should I do a pressure test?

As a watch ages, the aging seals (gaskets) become less reliable. They are usually some type of rubber or plastic that becomes brittle with age. These seals are vulnerable and the watchmaker must replace them and test them in order for the watch to be protected as it was when new. When a watch leaks the damage will begin immediately and progress until the watch is dried out. Water resistance testing assures the seal is intact and water will not feasibly enter a watch. Some watches may REQUIRE a water resistant test. If would like to learn more about water damage and how to prevent it, please head here.

Why Should I Come to us for my Batteries?

  • You can save time by
    • drop off & pickup later
  • Same day pickup
    • if left before 3:00 pm
  • Expert Testing
    • done right, and with the right tools
  • We us high grade Renata brand power-cells
  • While were at it we can also offer: