Unique Watches

Unique Watch Repair

This includes unusual pieces like repeaters, pocket watches, and self winding watches and many other older types of watch. Many of these types of watches can be classified as unique, antiques or vintage. Many of these don’t have parts available and require us to manufacture the parts for the watch in order to repair it.

What is including in a complete servicing of this kind? 

The proper inspection of your unique watches requires a complete disassembly and inspection of every part of the timepiece. Masterpiece Watch Repair evaluates the necessary repairs for your unique watch. This includes the required parts and their availability, as well as the cost of fabrication. Do to the watches age and long service history no matter how well it is inspected some hidden problems may reveal themselves. That will need to be addressed

Before any service we do repair estimates:

Repair and restorations require an estimate to be performed prior to any work being approved or performed. An estimate fee must be paid before an estimate begins. This is due to the extensive labor and time required. Our watchmaker examines each piece of the watch and movement to give an accurate analysis. Our watchmakers also take into account the condition of the watch and parts availability. When you approve the repair/restoration then we will credit the estimate fee to the repair cost. Once complete the estimate then we will e-mail, fax, phone or mail a copy to you (depending on your preference) for your approval. The estimates are usually completed within one to two business days. However, older models may take longer so that we can investigate parts availability. Due to the nature of the repair the watchmaker will repair what he can see but other repairs may be required.

Estimate fees are not refundable:

For our customers that want to know a ballpark cost before the estimate we also perform “Guesstimates”. With this we will examine the watch without disassembling the movement, look at the watch and give you a cost range that the repair should fall into. If this cost range fits into your expectations then we will perform the full estimate and let you know the exact cost as best as we can. Estimates may be more or less once completed. Guesstimates are no-charge. Estimate fees are credited to the repair when the work is completed. If you would like to know more about Vintage or Antique watches click on one of the pictures below to learn more.

Unique Watches

A example of a Antique Watch

Unique Watches

A example of a Vintage Watch