Complete Services

What do we mean by complete services?

Our complete services produce good lasting results. Because every watch problem is unique, we carefully inspect your watch. Searching for all of the repairs needed for your watch.  Partial repairs are unwise. First of all, they lead to further problems down the road. Second, a string of repairs is more costly than doing the job right in the first place. Having your watch serviced to factory standers the first time is the the best thing you can do for your watch. Types of compete services include but are not limited to. Modern Automatic, Modern Battery Powered and Watch restoration work for both Antique and Vintage Watch. Please click one of the following pictures below to find out more about each of these kinds of watches.


Complete Services for Unique Watches

Complete Services – Antique and Vintage Watches

Complete Services for Mechanical Watches

Complete Services – Modern Automatic Wind Watches

Complete Services for Battery Powered Watches

Complete Services – Modern Battery Powered Watches


What is the difference between Modern, Vintage and Antique Watches?

The Watch Companies use 21st century technology to produce modern luxury watches. They use special materials, oils and chemicals. In addition, they use service ideas that extend service intervals and maintain accuracy.  Hence, we service modern luxury watches with factory quality oils, chemicals, and parts. We also employ fine tuning for the best time keeping. Plus, we use only genuine factory parts when available from the manufacturer. We test the watches with testing equipment recommended by the manufacturer. You can see some of our equipment HERE. Please feel free to take a look at what Omega has to say about how your watch should be serviced.

Vintage watches have been around a long time. As a result, they often have worn parts, and a long repair history. As a result, vintage watches must be carefully inspected for hidden defects. Also, finding parts can be an issue. Complete service may involve simple cleaning and oiling or it may become a major project. For those that enjoy wearing a fine piece of history, the expense can be a wonderful investment. At Masterpiece we have years experience with restoration of vintage watches. For more info on Vintage watches and some pictures click HERE.

Antique watches have an even greater repair history than vintage watches. And, parts for antique watches are rarely available. They also may have unusual mechanisms. Accordingly, the parts must be repaired or remade. Hence, repair requires the skills of a master watchmaker. Our master watchmaker can do the job. Some antique watches have great value because of their history. Others watches may be are valued for their beauty, or unique qualities. At masterpiece, we repair vintage and Antique watches. No watch is too old. You can see some of the unique watches we have restored HERE.