Written Authentications

We provide written authentications and counterfeit detection services for our customers. This is not an appraisal. Thus, the value of your watch will not be investigated. If you desire that service. We also offer appraisal services for more information please look HERE. when shopping for an appraisal please keep in mind that an appraisal commonly does not include an authentication. Our written authentications give our Watchmaker’s written opinion of the authenticity of the watch. Authentications also take into account the condition of the watch and/or any aftermarket alterations that may have been made. There are many fakes or imitation watches on the marketplace. A written authentication provides peace of mind of our customers.

Written Authentications includes

The service includes: a visual inspection, opening of the case, and inspecting the parts. Our Watchmakers take digital photographs of the watch inside and out taking note of any details he finds. This service also comes with a written report Detailing the findings of the Watchmaker. This type of service can be more expensive than a verbal authentication or appraisal. The higher cost is due to that fact that is more detailed and requires more time.

Do not want the report?

We also offer a less expensive verbal authentication you will still need to leave the watch so that it can be inspected but it does not include the paperwork or pictures of the inside of the watch. It is just a verbal option of what the Watchmakers option of the watches authenticity. If you would like to know more about our verbal appraisal then head HERE. We also offer appraisal for more information please look HERE.