Written Appraisals

What does Masterpiece Watch Repair include in written appraisals? 

We provide complete written appraisals as a service for our customers. These written appraisals may require numerous hours investigating the current market and history (if available) of each watch. When Masterpiece Watch Restoration creates a written appraisal we take into account the watch’s current condition. The perceived value of a watch in a written appraisal is determined by many factors. In a written appraisal, the monetary value placed on the watch is not the only factor, there may also be a sentimental or historical value with the watch that will increase the value in the eyes of a buyer or collector.

Here at Masterpiece Watch Restoration, we say that the value of a watch is what any two people agree to pay for it at the time you want to sell that watch. Maybe the watch was your great, great, grandfathers watch. Now the watch has risen in value in your eyes to priceless. With written appraisals it is important to know any identifying serial numbers or feature in order to safeguard the watch in the event the watch is stolen or misplaced. We provide digital photographs, both internal and external, when needed to document what you have.

An appraisal can be a very useful tool to assist in the identification, sale, replacement, or equitable distribution of property. We offer our expertise in written form for the specific purpose the appraisal is intended.