Appraisals and Authentication Services

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We provide appraisals and authentication for those who are buying, selling, or insuring watches. These services provide our customers with the info they need to be better informed about what they are buying, selling, or insuring watches. Please click one of the following pictures below to find out more about what we offer.

Written Appraisals and Authentications

Written Appraisal- Is our written appraisal of the value of your timepiece, using hours of research and knowledge of our master watch makers.

Oral Appraisals and Authentications

Oral Appraisals – We can examine the watch and give you an unwritten  opinion without preparing a more expensive written document.

Appraisals and Authentications

Written Authentications- This service  we authenticate and make sure your timepiece is genuine and supply written hard copy for your records

Dealing with Fake Watches

In today’s marketplace things are not always the way they seem. There are many non-genuine products bearing the name of expensive watches. Sometimes imitations are obvious and other times they can be difficult to detect. Some watches are very collectible and worth much more to a collector than a similar model. Often watches appear to be working properly but are actually in need of substantial repairs. It is wise to know what you are buying or selling.

Insurance appraisals when done expertly provide a complete description of the watch. This includes any unique identifying marks. Serial numbers can be removed preventing recovery of lost or stolen items. We document the watch thoroughly with digital photographs of the inside as well as the outside. Special attention is given to marks that assure authenticity or identification. In the event of a loss, proper documentation assures adequate coverage and replacement.

Fair market value appraisals can assist with sales or equitable distribution of property. They are different from insurance replacement value due to the expense of finding and replacing a lost item. Make sure you get the right kind of appraisal for the intended use. The value of watches changes with time. Some increase in value as the market changes while others decline. An old appraisal may no longer be accurate. It is possible for a watch that was worth $500.00 in 1975 to be worth $5,000.00 now.