Overhaul Services

What do we mean by Overhaul Services?

When people want a cleaning and a servicing, we call that Overhaul Services. When your car is overhauled the engine is completely rebuilt: it is completely taken apart and cleaned, pistons, gears, bearings, seals, and gaskets are replaced, parts not replaced, are refurbished to factory tolerances, all new oil and lubricants are applied. The previously mentioned process occurs for our watch overhauls, just on a much smaller scale. This is what we mean by Overhaul Services.

As with cars, not all watches are the same; some are electronic and some are mechanical, some are expensive, some are inexpensive and some are unique or antique. Masterpiece Watch Restoration takes all of those factors into account when overhauling your watch.

Our goal at Masterpiece Watch Restoration is to restore your timepiece to function as close to as it did when new whether it is a fine timepiece, your daily wearer or a prized heirloom or antique.

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Overhaul Services for Unique Watches
Antique and Vintage Watches
Overhaul Services for Mechanical Watches
Modern Automatic Wind Watches
Overhaul Services for Battery Powered Watches
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