Vintage Watches?

What are Vintage Watches? 

Vintage watches have been around a long time. As a result, they often have worn parts, and a long repair history, so they must be carefully checked for hidden defects. Also, finding parts is an issue, parts for these kind of watches are available but are somewhat hard to acquire, or require a parts account in order to purchase them.

What can Masterpiece Watch Repair do? 

Complete service may involve simple cleaning and oiling or it may become a major project.  With these types of watches we order the parts needed for the repair which can take several weeks. Once we have acquired the original parts needed to repair or restore the watch, we install them for you. These types of jobs not rushed and we have high quality standards for our watch repair here at Masterpiece Watch Repair. Here we have a selection of pictures of our vintage watches for you to use as a example:

Vintage Watch

A example of an Vintage Watch.

Vintage Watches

A example of an Vintage Watch.