Quick Services

What are Quick Services?

Quick Services are often done the same day. We focus on getting our customers in and out quickly. Our customers give us time to do the job properly, returning later to pick up the watch. High quality watches deserve careful attention by a qualified watchmaker. Please plan on leaving your watch with us for a period of time. We promise we will do our best to save you time when you return to pick it up. Please click one of the following pictures below to find out more.

Quick Services for Batteries

Battery Replacement and Water Resistance Testing

Quick Service for Polishing

Cleaning and Polishing

Quick Service for your bands

Watch Bracelet Sizing and Repair


No matter what the problem, a dead battery or something broken, we can usually solve it. It may take only a few minutes. More often, it takes longer. Why wait around when you can be doing something else with your time. Experience has shown that repairs done in a rush can lead to poor results. Please take the time to look into how we handle each type of quick service. Click on one of the images above for a more detailed explanation. If you would like to learn more about water damage and how to prevent it please head Here for more information.