Our Equipment

Our Equipment

Here at Masterpiece our equipment comes in different types that are used for different functions most are high quality and may not be found many other stores around Tampa.The Watch Companies use 21st century technology to produce modern luxury watches. They use special materials. They use special oils and chemicals. In addition, they use service ideas that extend service intervals and maintain accuracy.  Hence, we service modern luxury watches with factory quality oils, chemicals, and parts. We also employ fine tuning for the best time keeping. Plus, we use only genuine factory parts when available from the manufacturer. And, we test the watches with testing equipment recommended by the manufacturer. Down below are some examples of the type of equipment we use on your watches. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us or to call us here!

our equipment for polishing

This machine is used for polishing and it is called polishing lave.

our equipment for water resistance testing

Here is our water pressure test machine. It checks if your watch has any leaks, or is in danger of taking on water.










our equipment for accurate timekeeping

This piece of equipment uses sound to test the movement of your watch to see how accurate it’s timekeeping is.

our equipment for water testing

These machines help us more carefully diagnose if your watch will stand up to certain pressure depths and if the watch has any leakages.