Maintaining Your Watch

Maintaining your watch

Not maintaining your watch can be hazardous!

Maintaining Your Watch

Maintaining Your Watch can be a difficult process. Maintaining Your Watch is something that all watch owners should be aware of. This page will explain the basic ideas about maintenance, specific information about your watch may be available from the manufacturer or included in the instructions provided with the watch.

For your watch to run smoothly and last a long time, we recommend a watch be professionally serviced every two years. If battery powered, the power cell should be replaced before the battery goes dead. A dead battery can leak while the watch is stored away and can destroy the finest watch. Professional servicing involves exterior cleaning, inspection for defects and testing for water resistance. This service should be performed with the proper equipment by a professional watchmaker.There are many different types and styles of watches. Each must be treated accordingly. During inspection the specific needs of each watch is evaluated and addressed by the watchmaker. The owner is then informed of he condition and service needs of the particular watch.

What about water resistance?

As a watch ages, the aging seals (gaskets) become less reliable. They are usually some type of rubber or plastic that becomes brittle with age. These seals must be replaced and tested in order for the watch to be protected as it was when new.  When a watch leaks the damage will begin immediately and progress until the watch is dried out. Most watches currently sold are sealed at the factory and may or may not, be marked “water resistant”. The maker knows it will last longer without problems if it is sealed. After the manufacturer guarantee has expired, you are on your own.

How can my watch get water damage?

When a watch becomes wet for any reason it usually cools the watch. The air inside contracts, if there is a leak, water that is clinging to leaking watch is drawn inside. The watch does not need to be submerged in order to draw in water. Sometime all it takes is a splash from washing hands, a rain shower, or a spilled drink.

Why does water cause damage? 

Watches should be inspected for leaks periodically and the seals replaced when old and unreliable. Sealed watches (water resistant) with a small leak cannot be dried out. The moisture is trapped inside until the case is opened. A tiny amount of water can go unnoticed and remain trapped in the watch for months causing great damage. For this reason water resistant watches with a small leak are more susceptible to water damage than a non-sealed watch. The watch should be resealed after the removal of the water to prevent leaking. Watches that are made without seals (costume watches or older dress watches) can breathe and the trapped moisture can escape if put in a warm place for a while.  Any moisture inside a watch should be removed immediately to prevent further damage.

What else can I do? 

When maintaining your watch, watch mechanisms with moving parts require periodic maintenance also to keep them running smoothly. Bring them in to Masterpiece Watch Repair! Cleaning and re-lubricating of moving parts assures reduced wear and reliable operation. By keeping in mind these simple facts about watches and providing careful maintenance a watch will perform better and give many years of reliable service.