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Antique Watch Restoration

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Our focus is on accommodating the individual needs of every customer. Each repair or restoration should be discussed and all questions answered in order to insure the appropriate approach is taken to meet the customers and the watches needs. Our customer must be satisfied with the final result.

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Fusee Watch Repair

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Fusee Watch Repair involves the careful handling of very old watches. These watches were among the first types of mechanical watches with some of them well over three hundred years old. Fusee watches typically use a tiny chain wound around a tapered spool (Fusee) to transfer power to the watch evenly as the mainspring winds down. This allows for steady timekeeping.

Many Fusee watches are beautifully made with Precious Metals, Enamel, Jewels, and Pearls such as the ones shown on this page. These watches should be handled with care only by a master watchmaker who is a specialist in these unique timepieces.

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Some customers enjoy using these old watches today. While there is some risk in using an antique watch on a daily basis there is also a huge satisfaction and joy to experience a watch that still keeps time as it did hundreds of years ago. Many times this is the same watch that their father or grand father might have used every day.

Repeater Watch Restoration


Repeater Watch Restoration is incredibly demanding. These watches strike the time only when activated. Usually they have two gongs although they may have more or none.

Complicated Watch Repair

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Complicated Watch Repair and Unusual Watch Repair requires a thorough understanding of the mechanisms. The diversity of mechanisms invented by watch making geniuses over the centuries is amazing.

Many times these very special watches are pronounced "beyond repair" by uninformed jewelers and watchmakers. Very seldom is a watch beyond repair. The expense of Antique Watch Repair and restoration is another matter. In many cases the cost to fabricate the broken, worn or missing pieces of the watch may far exceed the value of the watch. But many times the sentimental value associated with the watch makes the restoration well worth the expense. If the watch has just been recovered from the Titanic, or subjected to the well intentioned mechanical exploits of a ten year old, it is probable that the work required would be extensive. Hopefully yours is in better condition. Only a thorough examination can reveal the extent of repairs required.

If you choose to use an antique watch regularly, you should understand it will require more maintenance than a modern watch. There are some exceptions to the rule but not many. We have become accustomed to the performance of modern machinery. (Try driving your Model A 30,000 miles a year or at 70 mph on the interstate.)

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