Luxury watch repair in Tampa!

Why Us?

We are your source for watch repair in Tampa! Valuable watches deserve special care. So, we focus on the details. More than ever before, 21st century watches are technically advanced. The best service requires up to date materials and techniques. Therefore, We employ the proper knowledge, supplies and equipment. Antique, vintage, or complicated watches require the skills of our master watchmaker. We may not be the fastest or least expensive, but we do the job right. If you would like more information to why you should trust us to give your watch the care it deserves please see the “Why Us?” page for more information.

What can we do?

From the simplest repair, to the most difficult repairs. We can help you with the repairs you need in Tampa. We have years of experience with Rolex, Omega, and Movado watches. Our watchmaker is a Certified Master Watchmaker of the 21st Century. He has received training from both Rolex and Omega. We also have a qualified staff that is courteous and careful. For a list of watch brands we love, go HERE.

Watch repair

Certified Master Watchmaker of the 21st Century Certificate of Completion

Where are we?

We are conveniently located on Kennedy Blvd near Lois Avenue, less than a mile from Interstate 275. See the Google map below. Although we focus on watch repair in Tampa, we accept restoration work from all over the planet. Located within minutes of Tampa International Airport, we have customers throughout the US and as far away as Israel and China.

Our Limitations

Some watch companies restrict spare parts distribution. They simply do not sell spare parts to watchmakers outside of their organization. Moreover, we recommend sending those watches to the company for service. We also recommend you consider this when making purchases of your watch. Each company is different . In some cases we can send the watch for you. In other cases there may be a work-around. So if you have a valuable watch and the company no longer provides parts or service, then check with us.  We may be able to help.

Is the Watch Repair Done on Sight?

Most work is done on sight by our highly trained Watchmakers a few exceptions may apply. most of these are do to parts availability. If the repair is not by out staff then it is being done by the manufacture under your promotion. But even for these exceptions if you do not want the repair to be done by the factory then a work round may be possible. For more detailed about what services we offer please like to the top of the page and you will find buttons to direct you to the information you desire.